Who needs nutramagin?

strong text EDIT: I didn’t forget about everyone! The site has a maximum number of replies a new user can make in a day which I quickly reached yesterday. It says I can reply again in 4 hours and I’ll respond to as many of you as I can then!

To streamline things and limit the number of messages I have to send, if you see this it would be helpful if you dm me what you need, your zip code to calculate shipping and the email you use for paypal. If I’m able to get it I’ll just send you a paypal invoice for retail + exact shipping rather than messaging you.

I’ll be responding/invoicing in the order everyone replied so its likely there won’t be enough for those of you further down the list because I want to leave at least a few cans on the shelf for the babies who live in my area.

As of yesterday evening my small, neighborhood grocery store has a ton of nutramagin. Both powder and ready to feed. The store is only 3 blocks away and I’m a sahm so I can rub and grab some pretty much anytime for anyone who needs it as long as it’s still there. Exact retail + ship and I’m willing to cover the shipping for a few cans if money is tight.

Edit: I’m in Michigan so it should get to you in 2-3 days if I ship usps priority.


@Tanna90 did u see this?

Where is this at?

I could use the RTF. How much for each plus shipping would it be?

I’m in Michigan. It’s a local, downtown grocery store.

I’m in Michigan. It’s a small downtown grocery store.

Thank you!

Hi is there anyway to get a couple of the Nurtramagin? Please let me know thank you so much

Can I get a couple of the large cans of nutramagin powder if they have any left?

I can’t see the price clearly in my photo but it looks like it might say $11.99 per bottle and then shipping is probably around $9 for ups ground or around $15 for priority.

How many do you want? I’m sending my husband to the store soon.

How many do you want? I’m about to send my husband to the store.

I would like two cans if possible!

Ok! Do you know if they have a limit on how many you can get? I’ll do the limit plus ground shipping.

Sent you a dm!

I just dm’d you to work out the details!

Do you have any of the powder left over ?

I. Need the similac sensitive please

Is there anyway you could ship me a can? In Ky.