When did your toddler start talking?

Hello All,

Just trying to get some ideas of when your toddlers started talking. My daughter will be 20 months in 8 days and isnt talking that much. The words that she says consistently are Dada and Baba. She has said mama when she was 9 months old and maybe said it for 2 months and then has stopped and hasnt said it since. Is this normal i feel like she should be saying more. I have reached out and am getting a speech evaluation done but im not sure if im doing this and its not needed. If you could please give me some opinions. Thanks in advance!

@Natalie1601 Natalie, although it is difficult to avoid comparing your child to others, try not to. What does your pediatrician say? There are things you can do to help encourage speech as well…especially reading to them and intermittently pointing to the pictures and asking them what something is. Another great thing is music. Either their favorite Disney or childrens songs (sesame street has some wonderful ones) or make them up with them. There are so many different things to try, but typically children will start talking when they are ready and in no time at all you will be wishing they hadn’t!
Try not to worry and trust yourself and your doctor.

@pattianne the pediatrician stated they dont really worry about it until age 2 but if i wanted the evaluation now i could so that if something is wrong we can tackle it early. We do read she loves books and we have some flash cards that we go through. I think getting the evaluation will help settle my feelings.

@Natalie1601 Natalie, I hope you will keep us (informed) and if you ever need someone to reach out to, please do not hesitate. I’m a good listener.

Every kiddo is different however if Mom instincts are kicking in, I would rather have a peace of mind and check than to not.

Both my children had speech delays, which was a new mom I missed. We didn’t realize until my oldest was evaluated for preschooler. If your concerned, discuss with your Pedi or even reach out to early intervention to have them evaluated. If nothing else it will give you peace of mind.

Thank you im waiting for the paperwork to come now so i can do the evaluation.