What to do with sick children

Need some help/advice… Drew is sick (RSV) and the thought of her giving this to our 2 week old scares me. How do you deal with a sick kid when you have multiple children in the house?! Any ideas/tips are appreciated

My daughter had RSV at 4 weeks old, and now has it again at 2.5. I don’t have any other children, but just try to keep her busy! Painting, stickers, have her “help” where she can (my daughter loves putting laundry in the dryer). I know it must be so hard trying to keep her safe and happy and your newborn as well. Hoping she recovers soon!

I hope she feels better soon! Its heartbreaking to have sick babies. Feeling helpless is absolutely awful. My middle children (we call them the littles) are 5 and 2 so keeping them separated when one is sick is nearly impossible because they’re so close. We rely heavily on antibacterial wipes, even pre pandemic :roll_eyes: when one is sick I wash their linen every other day, especially the pillow cases… so much fun, I know lol but it seems to help. Once they’re better I switch out their toothbrush as well. I keep the air purifier running 24/7. I know it’s hard but no kisses from sissy to little bro. That’s always the hardest for my daughter. Hope you can find a routine that works for you guys! Feel better Drew :hugs:

I know it is hard but try and keep Drew away as much as possible and since Jett sleeps alot you let Drew know her brother is sleeping and let Drew play in another room if it is nice outside try and bring Drew outside as much as possible