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In need of PURAMINO infant formula for baby with severe allergy. It’s the only formula he can have. Will pay for formula and shipping!

I looking to see if anyone has enfamil enfacare for premature baby formula.

I’m from WI we have that exact brand near me!



Except when you get scammed here by a person named Christina Wu. Out $75 and now can’t afford the formula.

Be aware Chrissy / Christina Wu has been scamming people

Wow! People are so low and I hope you guys reported her.

Which formula were you looking for?


I reported wherever I could. Just hope this shortage ends now. People that scam people with formula or certainly the lowest of the low

These? Or elecare?

Yeah those are the ones. Just hoping the shortage ends to start finding them now

I’m so sorry :frowning: hopefully you find some soon

How did you go about reporting?

Did you get scammed too smh

Omg who is scamming? We need to report their account

She scammed me too but not sure how to go about reporting her. There is another thread alerting her as a scammer.

@Lyndsey_Whorley , have you been scammed or are you inquiring regarding the earlier post. I will make sure the names provided get removed from the exchange database.

HI there! I unfortunately was the victim of what appears to be a scam. Paid for formula and as of today, have not even received shipping information OR received the product. I believe she has already been reported & there was another post/thread that was posted with all of her information from another parent who was scammed as well. There was a post from The East Fam that they were aware of the situation & were taking care of it.