Various formulas available, selling at cost & willing to ship! Nutramigen, gerber, comforts brands

I’ve got various sensitive formula options that my local store (in KY) had a huge shipment of. Picked up a few of each in case someone is in need of these ones. Lmk which ones you’d like - selling at cost and happy to ship them to you!

All unopened and not expired.

Hi is there anyway to receive the Nutramigen? Please let me know thank you so much

Yes! My email is - send me an email and we can exchange details

Hi! I am in need of the Gerber good start soothe. Any chance you can send to me? Please LMK!

Yes @Jennyr is be happy to! I’ll try to dm you so we can exchange details and I’ll get it in the mail to you right away

If you’re able to get your hands on the purple label Good Start Soothe Pro I will purchase from you. If your stores has 2 of them that would be a huge blessing.

@Kimberly_Amparon is this what you’re looking for? I saw these today at my grocery store, the label says soothepro but is more pink than purple

I have a friend looking for the pink/purple Soothe Pro as well!! Located in TN if you can ship.

I’m very interested, how much is shipping? Or where are you located to meet up?

PurAmino availability?

Any nutramigen left??

Looking for enfamil nutramigen, please.

Yes ma’am. That’s the one.

If you’re able to ship two to Texas that would be a huge blessing. I can pay you through PayPal.

In need of the Gerber Good Start Soothe Pro! Still available?

Hi. I will take anything you have. Anything is better than nothing right now…

Hi, do they have any Nutramigen liquid? I am really desperate! Thanks much.