Various brands, willing to ship!

I know a baby in need of the Enspire.

Looking for enspire for my four month old. Let me know if still available, thanks so much!

May i please purchase the Similac Pro Advance?

Hi - would I be able to purchase one of the pro advance?

Is the nutramigen still available

I could use the pro advanced please!

I can ship it today if you can just pay for shipping. What is the address? I’m in Michigan.

Yes I can get that shipped out today. I’m in Michigan. What is your address? If you just pay for shipping that’d be just fine

I’m so sorry someone reached out to me before you

Can I please get the pro avance really need it I only have one can left :sob::sob::sob:

Yes it is! I also have 6 ready to feed bottles

Is the Nutramigen still available?

I’ll take the Enspire I’d it’s this available

Interested in the similac pro advance if you still have some available. I haven’t been able to find it anywhere near me. I have been trying to find the store brand version as well with no luck :disappointed:

Hi is the Nutramigen still available? Please let me know. Appreciate it so much

If the enspire is still available I’m interested! My # is 3146956039

I could use the nutramigen, if available.

Just a friendly reminder to double check the lot numbers on the Similac cans to make sure they aren’t part of the recall :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll take the pro advance