Tired of saying no

My son is 3 years old, very rambunctious, curious and adventurous. But I feel like I tell my child no all day, every day. I try to gentle parent but am not so good with it because of my depression and everything that comes with it. I just don’t know how to connect with him better and help him understand that there are things he shouldn’t do.

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We had this book recommended this to us, not sure if you’ve heard of it or not! Don’t need to read the whole thing, a few pages and you’ll get the idea
1-2-3 Magic: Gentle 3-Step Child & Toddler Discipline for Calm, Effective, and Happy Parenting 1-2-3 Magic: Gentle 3-Step Child & Toddler Discipline for Calm, Effective, and Happy Parenting: Phelan Ph.D., Thomas: 9781492629887: Amazon.com: Books


I’ve had the same struggle with my son, he is now 6 and I can’t say it has gotten any easier. I’ve just had to tell myself that this is the best I can do at this time and we just keep rolling with it. Some days are better than others, some days I lock myself in the bathroom just to get a break🥴


I’ve heard of it before. I’ll definitely give it a try!

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No real tips for you honey but I’m here in commiseration, my son is 3.5 and I feel like I’m battling him all day long, it’s exhausting and I hate feeling like “the bad guy”

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My daughter is 2.5 and I so feel you, I have learned recently that instead of just saying no, tell them why you are saying no and offer an alternative. Like “we can’t go play in the pool right now because it’s raining, but we could play with cars instead.”


Saying “NO” is not the end of the world, but it always helps if it comes with an explanation - as well as a couple of options that you can say yes to. An example would be - jumping off of the top bunk bed is very dangerous and you could get very hurt and not be able to play for a very long time, but we could go to the playground or go to a bouncy house where it is safe to jump around.

I feel you. My 20-month old son is fearless and nosey. I say No, he turns and grins at me and goes about doing what I told him no for. It’s exhausting. I try redirecting and explaining why to no end most days.

@jblessing216 I realize that you are super busy, but if you ever get a chance, watch some of supernanny’s videos on youtube - she has some great techniques on dealing with this type of thing - her time-out procedure seems pretty effective. Also, instead of telling him no, do you give him options and explain why you are saying no? You may already be doing that - I don’t want to make any assumptions.

My oldest son is 4. He stopped napping about 2-3 months ago. He’ll be really good throughout the whole day but once like 5:00pm hits, it’s like a switch flips and he all of the sudden doesn’t want to listen, he’ll yell at us as we are trying to correct behavior and when he doesn’t get his way he’ll try to hit us and just scream at us. It’s so frustrating because he’s such a sweet and loving little boy. Has anyone else experienced this? If you have, do you have any tips for us on how to potentially help him with this behavior.