Surgery Recovery

I am 1 week post op for laparoscopic gallbladder removal. It was the 1st surgery I had and recovery is tough with 2 little kids and not being allowed to lift them or bend over. It’s really getting hard for me mentally because I can’t help my babies and I feel helpless. I need advice on how to make it through this mentally so I have the best physical outcome.

@Kaytlin-Bender Kaytlin, I had my gallbladder removed about 20 years ago but didn’t have little kids to contend with. My first suggestion would be to ask for help! it is not a sign of weakness to do so - it’s a strength because you are recognizing that it is the best way to provide a healthy mom for your family. Do you have any family or friends? people from the church that could help? Even little things like laundry - baths - errands - shopping - things that will take some of the tasks off of you to allow your body to heal.
Use the home grocery delivery services in your area - order meal kits - it’s temporary
try to keep in mind that there will only last a couple of weeks and heck - you can do anything for just a couple of weeks -
Do you have someone that you talk to for your mental health? A therapist, trusted confidant, pastor? If not, reach out to someone who can be your sounding board - we all need at least one of those.
I can promise you that others have been in similar situations as yourself and although each experience is unique, they may have ideas to help you make your way through this - and I believe whole heartedly that you will do better than you give yourself credit for.
And again - if someone offers to help - LET THEM!