Stay at Home Date Night Ideas

We don’t have family near by so finding people we trust can be a challenge. What are some of your go to stay at home after kids go to bed date night ideas.

We like finding a new local restaurant, ordering a new dish to eat at home, and then playing a board game.

@michellerene1982 I recently found a post about trading babysitting - if there is another young couple with kids who would also like to do date nights, see if they would be interested in swapping baby sitting for date nights. Depending upon the age of your kids, there are a variety of places to meet them. Church, school, mommy & me - may be easier to trust those who are in a similar situation.

@Joshua-Dance If you enjoy cooking, trying out new recipes and cooking them together can also be fun and relaxing - even if it doesn’t turn out the best - you can still have fun in the process. Maybe treat yourself to a home meal delivery kit - I found one today that is fully customizable and doesn’t require a subscription - and cheaper than a restaurant in many cases.

Yes I had a friend that I did this with but she moved and about 2 hours away. :sob: We do have a few people from our church who we do trust with our kiddos. We can usually get them about once every couple months. And we are wanting to have more frequent intentional times with each other outside of watching tv/movies.

This is a really good idea. We usually eat dinner as a family but this could be fun to do with after bedtime snack/dessert.

On those nights, make it special for the little ones too - a living room picnic or dress up for dinner night - age depending of course.

There yes a great book called the adventure dating book. It has a lot of great at home gate ideas ain’t in many of them can be done with the kids are in bed. One of them I was creating your first date night and home. Another was creating a comic strip of how you met. Another was simply playing a game of cards with “fun rules”.

awesome I will have to check that out.

My husband and I have enjoyed using Date Box. You can customize to things you like and it comes with everything you need. Makes it more unique than watching movie and it has convo starters etc. Its subscription box but you can do how much or often you want. Cost about what going out would be or less honestly.
Hardest part is getting off the couch and doing something when tired and is evening but when we actually do its great!

Getting off the couch and doing something is absolutely true! But once you do it it’s totally worth it. Love this!

The adventure challenge couple edition book has some really good ideas in it for stay at gome dates. They also have a dinner one too.

We just did a “Marriage Scattergories” game night the other night! We laughed so much! We’ve been doing a weekly date night at home for months, but I think that was my favorite! I found a free printable version online, but we just viewed it from our computer/phone screens.

Other times, we’ll work on a puzzle or play games, give each other massages, get take out, sit on the couch and eat popcorn while watching The Office. We definitely have a range of planned activities vs. just relaxing. We do this on Tuesday nights, and then my parents are able to come once a month on a weekend to watch the kids so we can get out of the house. They live a couple hours away, but now that they’re semi-retired they can get away long enough to give us a few hours out :slightly_smiling_face:

This is the game. We made up our own points system where we got a point for having any valid answer, but we gave each other bonus points if the answer was both valid and accurate for us/our marriage. It was hilarious!