Soy formula

Hello everyone I’m currently panicking like all of you and I’m in desperate need of soy formula. We usually get the parents choice brand from Walmart but honestly anything will do. Thank you

Where are you located? I have One bottle of similac soy isomil would that help?

I saw soy formula today at a local Aldi. I am in California, let me know I can pick up and send to you.

This would help a ton! I’m located in Leavenworth, Kansas

If you can send me your address I also have some of the ready to serve bottles pictured above I can ship to you!

Target has soy up and up brand 36oz can in stock

Yes I can that would help us out so much! My email is, if you could email me and then I’ll get you our address. Thank you, thank you, thank you

Email me so we can coordinate :blush:

i can purchase comfort kroger brand and ship if needed still!

I have 8 (20 oz) cans of Gerber Gentle Soy. Let me know if you still are in need.