Sold. Not available anymore

I have 6 unopened cans (13 oz) of Similac Neosure. My preemie no longer needs Neosure. Expiration date: Aug 2022
Location: WV

Hi I am super interested in these! Can you email me at

I am very interested if this is available!

@JannyB would these work?

I sent an email to the first person who replied. If they do not want them, they are yours!
Send me an email at and you can give me your address and I will send more photos of what I’ve got to reassure these are unopened!

Next in line please for these!!!

These are still available. First come first serve.

How much shipped to 92404?


Ok and what are you charging per can?

Just my money back. Here’s what I paid for 6 cans. And just pay for shipping.

Great thank you. I’ll take them. Lcrawford88@aol.Com is my PayPal info.

Okay! What is your mailing address?

Could you mail them to my sister-in-law?

Cheryl Nadell
395 Avery street
San Bernardino CA 92404

Thank you so much she has twin little girls. Really appreciate it.

Sure thing! I’ll schedule a pick up tomorrow and send them your way. Glad I could help!

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: thanks again

Welcome! I send the $ request on PayPal!

Just Paid. :grin:

It’ll go out tomorrow. Should arrive by 5/25 it says. I’ll attach a photo of the tracking number!
Thanks!!! image0.jpeg

I have 6 cans available for sale. $20 a can plus shipping