Small group/Bible study videos

I’d love to see a couples Bible study! I know this really isn’t your normal thing, but I also know that you are a Christian couple. I think this would be a great witness while also providing an opportunity for people to join in like a virtual “small group”.


I also think some kind of Bible study/study group/book group, tune in if/when you can etc. would be awesome!! It creates such a good community in addition to this!

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I would love that sounds grate I am new to this website so not fully sure how this works but a Couples Bible study would be amazing to help couples grow in the Lord and together and to meet others who share the same love for the Lord as we do.


I agree! Would love to see Bible studies for couples and families!

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I would love to be a part of a Bible study with women through different parts of life. Being a single adult I don’t have a core group of women to connect with and learn from (since I’m no longer in the young adult category and I’m not in the married category) within church Bible studies.

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I am also a single woman although I am middle aged…i have never taken part in a bible study group but would be willing to give it a shot. I worry that my opinions may not be welcome. I had 12 years of Catholic schooling but as an adult, i tend to have a more progressive view.