Sleep regression/ sleep training

Hey guys! So my son is 4 months old (born 10/20/21) he has never been the best sleeper but we use to get 4-6 hour stretches a night sometimes. But now that he has his two bottom teeth coming in and has hit the 4 month sleep regression he is only sleeping on our arms !! The moment I lay him down he wakes up. The last few nights after 3-4 attempts of putting him in his bed he will finally stay asleep (I think just due to pure exhaustion) but then wake up 30-45 minutes later!
I am a first time mom and definitely soaked in all the cuddles during naps since he has been born so now I’m nervous I created a bad habit where he just prefers sleeping in our arms instead of his bed!
Need some advice / hope that this will get better soon! And lots of coffee :joy:

Thank you!

@Arrianna.ry Arrianna, thank you for sharing this, I am sure that you are not the only parent who has experienced this. I hope that you will get some great suggestions to help. I don’t think you need to worry too much about creating long lasting habits yet. Relax - remember that baby senses your stress - trust yourself.

I remember the days. Bring the dad at three daughters in than three years, I remember those nights just like yesterday. First album we had to give ourselves grace. And that was easier said than done lol. I even wrote a blog call Call when Dad And Mom was their…” in the mist of that season. Second, we would trade off and each take a turn. We were not always perfect with this it still helped. The key is to not stay in frustration but to move on from it. It’s absolutely normal and you will not always get it right however every moment is a moment closer to them sleeping through the night. We also had a schedule that we try to stay with. I know that these are probably all obvious and you’ve done that, but remember you know your child or children better that anyone can give you advice about. Keep up the awesome work

Try using a sound machine which makes peaceful soothing sounds

Thank you for your kind words! I appreciate it and definitely trying to not let him sense my stress!

Thank you! I appreciate it and he’s getting my husband and I switch attempting to get our son asleep has definitely helped but it’s exhausting for sure.

Yes we do use a sound machine ! And that has helped prior to the sleep regression but we use it every night so not sure how much it is helping now :slight_smile: thank you for the idea though! Sound machines are great

I wrote a blog on this just a few weeks ago! My daughter has never been a great sleeper. But she’s five now and thriving. We trusted our gut and had a lot of trial and error, but eventually it all worked out. Eventually she taught herself to sleep in her own bed. It just took awhile! 4 months is so young, and teething is so rough. Hoping for you that it’s just a passing phase! You can find my blog about this - “Will my Baby Every Sleep through the Night? Tips from a Tired Mama” in the READ section of the website if you want to check it out :slight_smile:

Thank you! I will definitely check that out! I’m hoping it is a phase to and we get to better sleep soon!
I look forward to reading your blog !

The 4 month sleep regression is HARD!! My daughter Ian just a bit older than your babe and our naps went south with the sleep regression. I highly recommend Taking Cara Babies! Follow her on instagram for great tips! She also has a ton of blogs to read! And she offers sleep classes. We did her newborn and 3-4 month class and they helped us tremendously. She offers a 5-24 month class and nap class as well!