Single parenting

Being a single parent is tough! And so many of us are faced with that reality these days. Juggling covid, a career, a home. Family and coparenting…just to name a few :flushed:

No lie!!! I am struggling to find work that is flexible enough to account for daycare closures due to staffing issues or quaratines. And trying to find care for children is insanely difficult… waitlists are months long. It took me 6 months to get my son into the daycare he’s in now. My line of work is hard enough to try to do remotely or in office but having a infant/toddler home too was a nightmare. I think my having to take days off due to him being home ill played a role in my position being eliminated after my company was sold and not being offered a new position after 16.5 years. I keep telling myself you’re gonna be stronger after this is over… the next chapter is coming and it’ll be better.

Stay strong… we can do this!