Single parent and Dating

Here I am! I’m a single mom of 33 and seeking marriage to someone who will be my best friend. I’ve never been married but because of past relationships I know what I’m looking for. Yet why us dating as a single parent so difficult. I live in Texas, I’m a Democrat but am very moderate. I’m a Christian but an ally for LGBTQ and a prochoice woman. I love my state despite it being very red and very conservative (both of my parents voted for Trump twice and I voted blue.) I feel like I’m trying to find needle in a haystack. I don’t care if they are republican, pro life or an outdoorsy person. I care about the whole person. Not looks but personality. I want someone who will he my best friend and my teammate in life. Maybe my own flaws are too hard to handle; 3 kids, mental illness and according to those I’ve too good for many. So how do you tackle dating as a single parent? What boundaries do you have? And is romance dead when dating as a single parent or are there people who say " why date when you don’t have to anymore"?