Similac soy powder needed

If anyone has any similac soy POWDER I would love to buy it from you! Our son has had terrible luck with any other brand of soy or any of the liquid concentrates, we are kind of stuck with only being able to use similac soy powder. TIA!

My local target has 3 of the 30.8 oz cans. They’re 36.99. Do you want me to grab any?

I have some available from my target, how many were you interested in?

My email is if you’d like to message me there!

in stock to ship from

Walmart! Robot or human?

Dang, here is the right link Robot or human?

If they’re still avaialable yes please!

This formula is available on Walmarts website with shopping zip code 11211. They will still ship even if this zip code is out of state for you.