Similac sen

ISO Similac Sensitive :pray:t3::pray:t3:

Are you able to pay for them and I cover shipping?

Hello, how many do you have and how much it will be?

Thank you

And just to confirm is this the one you have? Thanks again :pray:t3:

I have 2, and itโ€™ll be $25 each plus shipping!

Itโ€™s basically almost the same thing!


Iโ€™m inquiring this for a friend who does not speak English. I appreciate your prompt response however she wonโ€™t be able to cover for this and also she wants the specific Similac Sensitive orange can from my previous message. Thank you anyway ! Your time is Greatly appreciated.

available right now!! Similac Sensitive Infant Formula Powder, 12.5 oz Can, Case of 6

Hi are you still looking for similac sensitive formula? Thereโ€™s some at my local supermarket but I can only get 2 a day!

Let me know