Similac neosure 22 cal

Looking for Neosure for my premature twin boys… anything will help

Hi Jenn! Momma of preemie twin girls here :wave: I have 4-6 cans I can ship to you from Texas.

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I am looking for this formula too for my twin boys!

@Cvilleneuve trying to DM you but I don’t see the message icon! If you can figure it out please shoot me a DM. How many cans are you needing?

I have this near my store. Please let me know if you need it . I am open to ship (currently I stay in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania)

Hi! I am located in Washington state! I will take as many cans as you have. I’ll email you too.

My premature daughter wouldn’t take it so I have a completely full can. It has been opened but hasn’t been used at all. I can ship it wherever you need!

Sorry I just saw this! Is it still available


Ok I sent you an email!