Similac alimentum

My little guy was just switched to Similac alimentum hypoallergenic.
If anyone has any please let me know !
Greatly appreciated!!

I have one can and can send if you’ll pay shipping? If you’re in NYC area, can also hand off locally.

As of 9:00PM EST, had a 6 bottle case of the ready to feed, and individual bottles for shipping. Same for Amazon! We just ordered last night and delivery from walmart is set to come Friday.

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Is that the powder ?

It looks like my local target has some pre made not powder, I can get it and ship if you still need!

Amazon has it right now.

I have a few sample cans I can ship if your able to cover shipping !

Okay! The powder formula of it ?
My email is

The ready to feed is in stock on Walmarts website with shopping zip code 80538. They’ll still ship if this is out of state for you.