Similac 360 Total Care Update! Also, Free Sample Cans


I had an overwhelming response for Similac 360 Total Care. The 3-pack I had available was sold. I got in contact with my grandma, she was able to return to Sam’s Club and purchase two more 3- packs earlier today. Of those two packs, 2 cans remain available!

Just before closing she returned once more to Sam’s Club and purchased two more 3-packs. At this time this is the ONLY available formula they have in stock at her local store. So in total 8 cans remain. She is so pleased to help so many parents from all over. If you are in NEED and would like to purchase and have your package shipped with the others in the morning, please email me at :heart:

I also still have the 4 cans of Enfamil A.R available.

Lastly, I know some parents depend on WIC to purchase formula, so purchasing formula for retail price may not be possible for everyone in need. When I was expecting I registered almost everywhere, and I recieved a few different welcome boxes with sample cans. If you are in NEED. I’m happy to send at no charge if you just cover shipping!

sample cans
•Enspire (Blue)
•Gentlease (Purple)
•Infant (Yellow)

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@krenee thanks for helping. If you haven’t done so already please enter the new information in the form so it can be matched with someone in need.

This person is scamming, do not send them money.

This is a scam!