Similac 360 Total Care to give away

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My baby has soy protein and dairy protein allergy. I have so much of this and want to get rid of it to where it is needed! I look forward to your reply so I can ship it to you. I have more than the pictures show.

This isn’t uploading the pictures… what do you have available in the 360 total care? That is what I feed my baby

Hi I’m desperately in need of this formula. All of our stores have run out and our hospital can’t give out anymore. Please email me at or message me on Facebook at Ecko Moore.

I’m in need of this, I’m willing to pay for it and shipping cost. Do you have any left?

I live outside of Atlanta and this is what my baby boy uses. Would love to purchase from you

I have Similac 360 liquid formula 2oz X 4 in sensitive (orange) and 2oz X 4 in regular (Blue). If you need it, please let me know.

I’ve been looking for this kind. Please feel free to email me at

I’ve been looking for the sensitive for my baby

Hi I am interested if any is still available, im located in pa. And my email is

Is this what you’re looking for?

Yes that’s the one!

Email me at :blush:

Just emailed you :blush:

I’m in need of the (orange) similac 360 total care sensitive. If this is what you have I’m interested please. Thank you!

I can’t see your images but I am looking for Similac 360 Total Care for my baby. Do you have any left? Please contact me! Thanks.

Hello, do you have any still available? Desperately looking for my 2 month old. Thank you!

I can’t see your pictures but do you have the similac 360 total care blue in powder ? If so please let me know