Similac 360 total care sensitive (orange can)

Looking for similac 360 total care sensitive in power or liquid or earths best sensitive (purple can)

Hello I am looking for Similac 360 sensitive or really any sensitive powder formula. Live in Austin, TX and will pay shipping!

Sam’s has a 24 CT, 8 oz box ready made for shipping. If you don’t have a Sam’s card, message me and I can ship it under my account to you.

My email address is

I have this in rtf. Idk if that helps?

Do you still have this?

The purple can of earths best? Yes I do.

I was actually looking for the 360 sensitive.

This one?

Yes! That is the one :raised_hands:

Email me! :heart:

My daughter transitioned to regular milk, so these are no longer needed

Hi! I have 360 the rtf 6 pack battles.

I have a sample 7oz can I’m happy to send if you can cover shipping. I also have some Enfamil NeuroPro sensitive refill packs I got at target for $52 each if you need