Similac 360 Total Care OR Enfamil Enspire

Seeking these formulas, just one can of powder each, in WA state. Can pay shipping and part of cost.

My preemie has been okayed to transition to non-preemie formula, and I’m trying to trial these to see what he’ll do well on. I’ll also need to tell WIC want I want covered, since most formulas are hard to find these days.

The Similac 360 total care ready to feed is in stock on Walmarts website with shopping zip code 49002. They’ll still ship it even if it’s out of state.

Yeah, I can find the ready-to-feed stuff mostly okay. Was looking for the powder.

If you are still looking- I have Similac 360 Total Care available! My grandma’s located in Tennessee and her local Sam’s has plenty in stock. She has accidentally purchased it for us, but we were looking for Similac Advance. 3 cans have sold, but she returned to the store and picked up 2 additional 3-packs. Email me if you’re still looking and she can ship to you first thing in the AM. (Wednesday 5/25) :heart:

Do you all need more than shipping? I use WIC and SNAP, so I can’t pay full price for formula.

I’ve desperately been looking for the similac 360 powder cans. If a 3 pack is available, I will absolutely buy! I live outside Atlanta, GA