Similac 360 Total Care & Enfamil A.R

Hey Mom’s, Kinda new here. Hopefully I’m doing this right! I have two different brands of formulas for sale! My son just started tolerating formula without needing the added starch, so I have 4 cans of Enfamil A.R. for sale.

Also, my sweet grandma was helping us search for regular blue similac advance, which is what we just transitioned to after A.R., but she ended up purchasing Similac 360 Total Care. Bless her heart. They were both Similac and blue in her defense :heart: She bought a 3-pack at her local sam’s. So they are larger 30.8oz cans.

Because he’s had such severe stomach issues in the past, we don’t want to risk switching him around. Just asking retail plus shipping. Please email me if interested at :heart:

Bless all the Mama’s in this time of need.

I emailed you!

@krenee Just letting you know that if you find yourself with extra formula to pass along, please fill out the form at Thanks for caring.