Sick toddlers

Hello, I am looking for some tips and tricks. My daughter has a terrible cold. The first one is since 2020 she is going to be two. She is really thick mucus and a very wet sticky cough. PLEASE HELP

We love saline solution/snot sucker, baby Vick’s, Vick’s cool mist humidifiers for bedtime, and steamy bathrooms. Best of luck mama, it’s so hard not being able to do much for them.

We are right there with you, mama! It’s so hard when your kids are sick — and it feels like we’ve been in it for a while now.

Of course, I’d recommend taking her to your pediatrician — but we’ve loved Frida Baby’s Snot Sucker, Saline Spray, a vaporizer at night, and warm/steamy bathrooms. And LOTS of hydration!

Praying for you!

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I’m very glad to have you on this site but definitely bummed that is because you have sick little ones. That is always a bummer. Other than following Doctor’s instructions, it’s good that you have others to turn to with questions and guidance. You can never go wrong with cuddles and fluids. Hang in there.