RTF enfamil

My daughter is 3 months. I spend most of my day driving too find even one bottle to make it through the next day! Please if anyone has i will cover cost of bottles and shipping


Let me check my Walmart today. I think I seen a few of them still there. The liquid one right? They dont have one single can of formula left in there but I’m pretty sure I seen the liquid.

Oh I Just seen that you can take the Infant or the Infant Nueropro. I have 2 small tins of the infant one I can give you?

The tin liquid concentrate she Can take yes! Is that the one you have?

I only have the powder formula, would that be okay?

She can’t take the powder unfortunately, thank you though :pray:

This formula is in stock on Walmart’s website. Just change your shopping zip code to 11211. They will ship it even if it’s out of state.

I just ordered!!! Thank you so much!!!

You’re welcome!