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My 4 month old son was hospitalized this week after being diagnosed with CMPA. Our doctors only recommend PurAmino but it is nowhere to be found. Does anyone have any cans that they would be willing to sell to me? I just ask that they aren’t expired and have been stored properly. I will Venmo you for the formula and the shipping. I live in immediate NYC area. Thank you!

Carewell.com says they have it in stock but at $68 a can :unamused:

Hi Jill, I know the price gouging is unbelievable. I did place an order from there but they have yet to fulfill it. Same with Vitality Medical. I think that these companies are accepting orders for stock that they someday anticipate having… it’s a series of disputes on my Amex at this point!

Ughhk oh goodness, I’m sorry another headache to deal with on top of it all.

Are you still in need?

Have you tried Better Living Now? It’s a medical supply company in NY and I was able tos expire some that way for my LO!

Are you still in need of PurAmino Formula?

If you are, send me (Melissa Fedell) a message on FB messenger & I can help you connect with other moms who use these specialized formulas! I do not have any kiddos myself…I am just a former Pediatric ICU RN that is wanting to help out in any way I can, so I am happy to be the messenger/middle man😉. I am in a supply group that exchanges medical supplies, baby &/or tube feeding formulas, etc that we no longer need, usually just for the cost of shipping.

Hope your baby is feeling better being off of any CMP-containing formula🙏🏼!

MY OFFER STANDS FOR ANYONE IN NEED OF ANY MEDICAL SPECIALTY FORMULAS. FYI- I am not on FB Messenger daily, but will hopefully see your message(s) soon🤞🏼!

Take care,
Melissa in CT