Puramino needed!

In need of Puramino formula! Any little bit will help! Thank you :heart:

I have Puramino and am happy to send if you’ll pay shipping? Or if you’re in NYC area, can do a hand off.

I’d be more than happy to pay shipping. I live in Boston. Do you have venmo?

Hi! How many cans do you have? My friend in NYC is looking for Puramino!

Yes — I can’t figure out how to direct message on this platform. If you know how, DM me!

I have 8 cans

I’m not sure either! I can give you my instagram if that works?

It’s jjanelle516

Hi! Do you have any Puramino cans left?

Hello Any Puramino left? Willing to purchase can’t find ANYWHERE ; thank you

Hello any Puramino left ?

Any left to sell?

I have 3 cans left. I can mail to you if you pay shipping or if you’re in NYC area can hand off.

I’m in Ohio I have no problem paying shipping. THANK YOU

What about me? I responded first. My baby could really use this formula. If you can spare one or more cans for my baby I would really be grateful.

I can send some to both. I can’t figure out how to DM on this platform. Do you have Instagram? I can DM you there

Oh perfect thank you so much! Yes I do it’s liz_549

Can any of you use the PurAmino Jr.? I have a few flats of that in vanilla. Happy to ship

Any left? Thank you