Puramino baby formula PLEASE

Looking for Puramino Formula . He can’t tolerate anything else. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE

I have a few cans…can ship. Will count how many tomorrow. Where do you live? Im in NJ

Erin I am also in need of Puramino …located in Neenah Wisconsin

Oh that would be sooooo amazing. I’m in Ohio !!! How much? Thank you so much

Nothing…what’s your address?

OMG … THANK YOU SO MUCH. Your truly amazing !!!
Lindsey Ritter
38 Maple st
Niles Ohio 44446 . Again thank you so much .

Was you able to send formula out ? Thank you

Will overnight tomorrow.

AWESOME!!!’ THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! I still have yet to find a can ANYWHERE . Have a wonderful day

I got to the post office and they didn’t take Apple Pay. And I couldn’t get back before they closed. I PROMISE to send first thing in AM.

I’m sorry I’m a PT and my schedule is nuts. But I know what you’re going through. I still can’t find my Elecare anywhere!!! :cry: they said another 8 weeks. He’ll be 10 months by then. Wah wah :weary:

I’ll send pic of receipt in AM! Hang in there!

Hello. Just wanted to check in with you to see if you was able to ship out . We have 2 bottles lefts. Thank you

Should be there today!!! There are 2 unopened. One I opened to try but only took 3 scoops out for one bottle. I sent it bc I know you’re desperate but totally understand if you chuck it!! But we don’t have any illnesses in our fam if you need to use it.

Also found it for sale on market-baby.com
The prices are ridiculous! My Elecare is 79/cAn!!!

Did you get them?!

Good Morning… YES I received them yesterday afternoon…. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH… you are a life saver. Love the note, that Made my whole day . Again thank you!