Preemie Enfamil A.R need

My friends baby was born at 24 weeks and her baby has to have Enfamil A.R. I know what you’re thinking, you may just have to try another formula. She absolutely cannot, she is apart of a swallow study and they have to use twice the serving amount to get the thickness to a nectar thickness. If it is not thick enough it will go into her lungs. I have called every store and none have it. Please if anyone knows where we can find Enfamil A.R near Elizabethtown Kentucky, let me know. She goes through a 12 oz. Can every 3-4 days. Much appreciated :heart::heart:

This is what it looks like.

If you use shopping zip code 20707 on Walmarts website you’ll find it

Did you find any? I saw it at my grocery store in Canada

I have some! Two tubs and two cans plus one unopened bag from a tub!

My store has some. Email me at and I’ll get your address to send to you! Just pay cost & shipping. 4 tub limit at my store