Prayer Requests

A place to ask for help and support with all the good and bad things going on in your life


A prayer for all new babies and parents that God will give them grace and a happy life knowing him.


Due to an ongoing medical issue that is now causing problems with my reproductive organs, they will be taking them all out and with it, my husband’s and I chance to be a biological parents. I pray for peace and God’s healing.


@danica im praying for you. :pray:t3:


Prayers for my mom who found out she has a breast cancer. We don’t know much yet, so the unknown is making me extra worried :pleading_face:


Praying for your peace and for that of your families during this time

Danica - We are so sorry to hear about this and are praying for you and your husband.


Kailee - we are so sorry to hear this. We are praying for you and rooting for your mom’s full recovery!


That my husband would find what God is trying to do with and through his business


Hey Jerzkusandrews - we are praying for you and for your husband!

You and your husband are in my prayers during this time. God has a plan for everyone. Don’t dwell on the bad news. Consider the bad news and be aware, but focus on the good news :heart: I have some passages from the Bible to show this better if anyone would like

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Recent miscarriage and fighting to push through the cloud I’m stuck in.


Praying for you! So so sorry you’re going through this.

Thank you for your prayers. It has been hard to move past what could have been. I see the beauty in others around me with their pregnancies but it’s hard to not get caught up in the fact that I’m no longer pregnant myself.

I just recently had a baby girl a month ago and am struggling with some serious c section complications. I have been taking care of my newborn daughter and my 16 month old daughter alone while battling these issues. Their dad is out of state for the next month working. I would appreciate prayers for my current financial burden, emotional strength, and physical health.


I went through the same thing when I miscarried. I was happy for those around me, but so so disheartened as well. You’ll always wonder what life would’ve been like had the pregnancy gone full term, but the pain will ease some. Just know that god has a plan for all of this.

If you need to talk ever, please let me know!

I am a teacher and last year was super stressful and traumatic for both staff and students. I’m asking for prayers for a fun, engaging, and successful school year where we can all be positive and lift each other up!


Thank you for the support. This platform is already showing the amazing connections. Through Christ all things are possible!

Layne - we are so sorry to hear that you are going through this pain. We are praying for you and know that our community is here for you!

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Briafaith! We are so excited about your little girl and are praying for your recovery!

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