Potty training tips

Going to start potty training 2.5 year old Drew soon and I could use some help!

@ShawnJohnson We had good success with the plastic underwear over their regular underwear. We also did it when we had a few days in a row of not being busy so that we could be consistent and not be out and about. Sara, as odd as it sounds, let them watch her go to the bathroom. Our oldest was the hardest because her bladder was not fully developed until she was older. our middle and youngest trained within a few days. Pull-ups didn’t work for us because it was too close to diapers. It is easier in a dress bc you don’t have to pull pants down. We set an alarm for every half hour or so and put them on the toilet. Praise is a huge thing along with rewards. We clapped every time they went and gave them candy or stickers. Something that they would connect the dots with. Everyone does things differently and every kid is different with this. You may have to try several different methods. You will get frustrated but that is normal and no need to have mom guilt over it. --From Sara

from what I’ve learned - patience…
never force the issue - but definitely be consistent
and like @Will_Howell mentioned - rewards are great but doesn’t always have to be treats - maybe make a reward wheel where she can spin it when she is successful and it can have a variety of things on it that she would find rewarding - or have a progression chart with a big payout upon certain milestones - there are hundreds of potty charts if you search google -https://bit.ly/3p7kPMe.

Checking in to see how the potty training is going? Don’t get frustrated when accidents or setbacks happen - it’s all a part of the process - but just think of how nice it will be when you are down to just one in diapers!
You’ve got this!

We just trained our almost 2.5 y/o son and we used the method taught in the Oh Crap Potty Training Book! It was so helpful and really guides you through the whole process and troubleshooting. And it helped me feel really confident that he (and we) could do it! The main idea of it is that you take off their diaper and leave them naked from the waist down for 1-3 days while you watch them like a hawk! Then you add pants after a few days of successful pees on the potty, then underwear after a few weeks of success in pants. It took us about a week to really have it down but I was so surprised that within the first day he was taking himself to the potty to pee! I also got a really great little potty by Nuby that looks like a real toilet but is miniature and it has a button that makes a flushing sound which was really fun for him to do after going. Just some tips from a mama who did this literally a month ago! You got this!

5 weeks in potty training my 2 year old son (with a 3 month old at home), down to only a handful of accidents a week if even that. One the best things I’ve done to make it easier with my independent boy is that I always let him choose what potty he wants - big potty (regular toilet with potty seat on top) or little potty on the floor. This allows him to have some control over the process, and he’ll go back and forth on his choice depending on his mood. Makes for much less resistance because his mind is focused on which one to pick and not the fact that it’s interrupting his play time.

We just potty trained our daughter in January (she turned 2 in November) and it was really just waiting until she showed signs of readiness and we chose to quit diapers cold turkey except for overnight at first. We committed to staying home for a week, and the first three days every time was an accident. I was starting to get super discouraged, but on day 4 she started making it to the bathroom and having accidents in the bathroom so I knew something was clicking. We stuck with it for the week and never looked back. She’s had a few accidents since then, especially when she’s playing, but has done so well that after the first month we stopped putting her in a diaper overnight too. She knew she was ready and I’m so glad we went for it!

So many ways to go about this, but I just kept it simple. We potty trained our little girl over a long weekend. We put the undies on her and took her to the bathroom to “watch mommy” and then sat her and said, “it’s your turn.” I continued to take her every 2-3 hours and then put a diaper on at night of course. I want to say on the 4th day she told me “pee-pee mommy” and the rest is history. I do agree with the others that state consistency–that is the key!

Take her to go potty every 20 minutes.
Make a potty chart, keep it and stickers in the bathroom and when she fills it up, she gets a prize. Going pee pee, gets one sticker, going poo gets two stickers. The prize can be going to her favorite cupcake place, a toy, a new Elsa braid, lol. Whatever you think she will want at that time.
I have found it works wonders with children that I have babysat.

@apgonzalez80 Welcome to this site - hope you have time to look around and get involved. Keep us up to date on how things are going for you.

I’m just starting potty training with my 17.5 month old son using EC method.

Here’s a great podcast to listen to: ‎Free Birth Society: Fifth Time's A Charm: Andrea's Story on Apple Podcasts

We always did the no clothes method. We would wait until it was summer and let them run naked while doing activities. We would go every 15 minutes, it took about 3 days but after they minimal accidents.

We didnt start potty training though until they woke up dry from night time.

My daughter is about your daughters age. Just three days ago she took off her diaper and started running around naked :woman_shrugging:t2: She REFUSED to put it back on so I told her we need big girl undies then and she gladly put those on. Ever since then she has been going on the big girl toilet!! It’s like she woke up one day and was like “yeah I’m going to do it” she’s had one accident since Saturday. We praise her big time and she thinks she’s super cool that she goes now. He face as she goes is so priceless. They’ll be ready when they’re ready. Don’t force it just encourage it. Read her books.

We have been trying to potty train my 3 year old for 3 months. I know its no help now but she really took off when we had her elf on the shelf for December. She would go sit on her potty and if she went she would tell her Elf she went potty. Fast forward to January she was still doing really good, we had a potty chart with stickers and once she filled her row she would get a prize from her prize box. (we just got a bunch of things from the dollar store for her to pick from.)She would get 1 sticker for peeing and 2 stickers for pooping. We would also give her candy when she went potty.

Now we are in March she still isn’t fully potty trained. We know she can do it and be in underwear 24/7 but she is still in pull ups because she is too lazy or too busy to take time to go potty. We have put her in underwear for the day when we arent going anywhere and she does really good. But for her nap we put her back in her pull up but after her nap she wont put her underwear back on.

@Cclar795 I just wanted to take a second to welcome you and thank you for joining this site. Looking forward to hearing more about you and your family. Hope you find this a great resource and place to find new web friends.

We just started potty training our almost 2 1/2 old 3 days ago. We’re doing it now because 1) she showed signs of being ready, 2) we’re going to be home for all week not going anywhere (which is important for consistency).

This is our first child, so we’re definitely not experts but learning as we go. We purchased a little training potty (which we introduced to her several months ago) and are having her sit on the potty every 20 minutes or so. We also use positive re-enforcement by offering an M&M or gummie after she sits on the potty, and we all celebrate and make a big deal any time she goes potty. We just let her run around either with undies or nothing on the bottom.

It’s already starting to click for her, so hopefully by the end of this week we’ll have a pro in our midst. Then it’ll just be about consistency, encouragement, prompting, and time - which we’re looking forward to no more diapers. :pray:t3::raised_hands:t3:

Definitely recommend having a dedicated person on “potty patrol” as I call it. At least one parent paying attention to look out for any indications that your little one may need to go so you can intervene before an accident and re-enforce what they should do when they get the potty feeling. Obviously also ensuring they sit on the potty every 20-30 minutes.

My daughter is two days younger than Drew so I’m right there with you. We started to potty train in December. Once a day in a little potty at first so that she understood that she has the ability to do it. Eventually, we bumped it up to every 30 minutes with a potty watch. Then once she got the hang of it, we went pantless and it was the best thing ever. Yes, there were accidents and the dogs loved it. :joy: BUT she was doing so good! We also have a stool and toilet attachment so that’s the one she’s used to now. Pull ups at nap time/bedtime still but she is so good about it no diaper when we run errands and whatnot! Good luck! :+1:t2:

Right there with you! Same age and our daughter knows all the cues and is fully ready but not stopping to go. She gets angry when reminded because we are telling her what to do and it seems to make her double down on not wanting to go on the potty.

Potty rewards are always a good incentive. Place them somewhere she will get to see them and stick to the boundary that they are only for when she goes potty on a big girl potty! Make it fun and not seem like a chore. Create a potty song or show your excitement to get them excited! Take frequent potty breaks and give them like a 5 minute or 3 minute warning to when the potty break is happening so they can prepare for that interruption of what they are doing

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At least when I tell her to go try when she hasnt gone in a while, she will try and sometimes she will go and sometimes she wont. Thankfully she tells me okay and the usually goes and sit on the potty.