Potential topics?!

Would love to see some of you all create some topics!! Let’s brainstorm and list some here


parenting! (I’m a mom to a 9 month old so topics more so on like baby led feedings/ traveling with baby, preparing for baby #2)

Also, balancing parenting and date nights! Maybe suggestions for date nights low key !


I also have a 9 month old too :slight_smile: so those topics you listed Im also interested as well.

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How to deal with/discipline/understand kids who lie, and how to help them through it, and get through it as parents.


Congrats :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: isn’t it awesome!?

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I love seeing meals that everyone makes for dinner or snacks! And also how to spice up date nights to make them more fun! Don’t get me wrong, I love a good movie and dinner but I want to be a little more spontaneous and fun! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I would love to see some topics on how to put God at the center of your marriage when your spouse isn’t spiritually where you are at.

I would also like to see some topics on raising children to be obedient and respectful to their parents.


I’d love to see something on parenting differences! How to pair your strengths and weaknesses!

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I would love to see something on parenting differences and how to parent using your different strengths! Sorry if I posted this twice!


Im.with you on spouse not being spiritually where you at.


I’d love to see a topic on trying to conceive and infertility! My husband and I are currently going through fertility treatment and find peace in talking with others experiencing similar stuff.

With that, I’m curious what other couples have done to prevent their life from revolving around trying to conceive or infertility. Sometimes it’s very hard to not think about it all the time, especially when all you want is a baby!


Adoption! My wife and I have been in the process to adopt internationally for 14 months and are hopefully getting close to expanding our family. Always incredibly encouraging to connect with others in the process.


I’d love the chance to talk to other moms that deal with PCOS/Endometriosis.

What do they do to help their symptoms?

Maybe something like how to battle overwhelm. Or the anxiety that comes with not feeling good enough at times. Or what to do when life throws a million curveballs at once.

Marriage is hard at times. I feel like there’s always a new learning curve as a parent. But also we all face little seasons where it feels like it’s just all rain & no sunshine. I’ve worked with too many amazing people lately who admit to feeling broken, unseen & like their life isn’t worth living. It’s more common than ever.

This world has shifted & feels so crazy at times. It’s so important that we allow space to truly see each other & normalize the hardships we face and try not to mask them.

So maybe just some encouragement or tips on what to do when you’re feeling blue?

I think healthy meals/snacks would be great! Workout routines. Parenting “hacks”. Couples bible study. Daily routines.

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I’m definitely with KaylaClark about conversations regarding difficulty conceiving, infertility, miscarriage, adoption and so on. These are things that growing up no one ever talked about, and that made them so much more difficult to deal with when we struggled for so long to conceive and then miscarried!

I’d also love the meal/recipe and workout topics!


Would love to see some topics about work/life balance and finding time to get everything done when you have little to no help (from family/friends/nanny/etc.)

Love this! We should get a nutritionist in here

Would you mind starting a topic on this yourself? Would love to hear more and get others experiences

Miscarriage support for any bereaved parents on here