Postpartum recovery

Wanted to see if anyone has programs, diets, routines, or whatever that helped them with postpartum recovery. Please help!

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Postpartum yoga! I’m a labor an delivery and postpartum nurse, I highly recommend yoga to all my mamma’s. You can go as slow or as fast as you’d like. And a great benefit is that it helps with your breath! Whether you feel stressed, overwhelmed, exhausted, etc. breathing and movement can help bring oxygen to all areas of the body and help regulate how you feel!

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Hannah Bower’s program (twenty2nutrition)!
She’s amazing and has an extensive program that helps you get back into the groove and a program specifically to help with diastasis recti. She’s also on Playbook for targeted exercises.

Nancy Anderson’s Ab Rehab program is amazing!! She has an 8wk and a 12wk option. One of her specialties is c-section recovery/healing! I also highly recommend her 30 day slim down. It’s breastfeeding approved!

Nancy Anderson’s post partum c-section recovery program is on point!