Parent of Twins tips and tricks

Im a parent to B/G twins, who were born at 29 weeks via emergency c-section weighing 1.5lbs and 2.5lbs respectively. They spent 3 months in NICU, right at the start of the pandemic. They will be turning 2 on the 31st of March.

How do keep them from taking toys from each other, and then throwing fits when the other one doesnt want to share? My son is very clingy, totally a mamas boy, while my daughter is a daddys girl. But when dads at work, my son will throw a fit if my daughter gets near me, even for cuddles. Tips and tricks for managing sanity

Not sure if this will help, but it is something to try (I watch a lot of supernanny) Make an actual schedule that you hang up so they can see it- since they probably don’t read yet, you can use pictures - On the schedule - have clocks next to each item and actually list child 1 time with mommy, child 2 time with mommy, toy sharing time, my toy time, wake up time, bed time, story time etc., also give tons of praise for sharing - and see if you can make a game out of it - you can have a sharing chart - everytime they share - they get a sticker or something like that - but when it is visible to them, it gives them something to be proud of - if they do something they shouldn’t do - take a sticker away - and when daddy comes home - they can show him everything they did
it may also help to have a house rules chart - no hitting, no throwing toys etc. Just an idea