Nutramigen To Send- In Brooklyn - SOLD - NO LONGER ACTIVE

Hi! I have one unopened can of Nutramigen and one unopened ready-to-feed Nutramigen liquid. I am in Brooklyn, NY. Happy to give away for free, but if shipping, would require the shipping costs paid.

Interested pending the shipping cost

Sure thing - where are you located?

Reidsville, NC zipcode 27320

OK - cool - let me see if I can get an estimate on USPS right now and update you in a minute. And of course, happy to pay the little extra if it ends up being more what it quotes.

It looks like I can do it for about $15 and I’m happy to pay the balance if it’s more than that. I can get it out tomorrow morning (or try to get to post office today before it closes), it looks like it can get there by Monday. Let me know if that works - if you want to move forward you can email me -

I am willing to pay for shipping!

Ah I already sent it off. Sorry! Going to close the listing.