Nutramigen, Similac NeoSure, Pro Total Comfort, & 360 Total Care

I live RIGHT on the Michigan/Indiana borderline. I live in Michigan, but my work 7 miles down the road is in Indiana. I had saw on the news Indiana had gotten a shipment of formula to start replenishing the shortage. I stopped by on my lunch break in hopes to find the formula my daughter uses for her twin sons, and a local Meijer had tons of Nutramigen formula, I grabbed several of those. I also found Similac NeoSure, Pro Total Comfort, and 360 Total Care, I grabbed a few of each of those. I only ask that you pay store price and shipping fee. Nothing more. Please email me if interested at

Did you happen to come across the Nutramigen ready to feed?

I also live near there! Goshen! I can check for people if you need certain kinds! I have noticed stock increases at stores. email me at

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