Nutramigen or Parents Choice Hypo-Allergenic Formula

I’m in need of Nutramigen formula or Ready to use liquid
Or even the parents choice hypoallergenic formula!
I’m willing to pay for them and the shipping.
I’m located in Jacksonville Florida!

Hey there! My son needed to transition to Puramino. I finally have enough, and I have 4 cans of Nutramigen (12.6 ounce) left over. I also have some ready-to-feed, but that might be more expensive to ship.

I also have 1 jug of ready to use 32oz if needed

The ready to use liquid

Oh my goodness!! You’re a life saver. :relieved: May I please get the 4 cans of the formula.
Please let me know how much I owe you

They were 33/can. Does 130$ sound good? I can ship priority tomorrow if it does!

Yes ma’am! Thank you so much!
I can send you the $ through PayPal, cash app, or Venmo. Which ever is easier for you. :relaxed:

Great! Here’s my Venmo, and then I just need your address! Feel free to send it to me at if there isn’t a secure way to here!

Hi, i am really desperate for the ready to feed. Shipping cost is not an issue. Baby only takes powder if mixed with liquid she is used to so really need any i can get. Many thanks.

Where are you located? I have 8 boxes of (6) 6 ounce bottles. I have 4 boxes of the 2 ounce bottles, too.

Can I have this please? Really in need of liquid. Thanks.

NYC. I’d love all if possible. Thanks.

These ones? Nutramigen® Hypoallergenic Liquid Formula | Enfamil

Yes, exactly. I couldn’t find the big bottles anywhere. Happy to send to you. Let me take a look to see what we paid. I’m not sure about shipping cost.

Thanks. What’s your location?

DC. Looks like if I send by UPS Ground, the box of 8 boxes would only be 31$, which is crazy because it’s 27 pounds.

How much formula do you have left?

I have less than two 32oz bottles left. She gakes just under a bottle a day! Been mixing each feed with half powder. I should get two bottles from another amazing lady tomorrow so around 6-7 days probably of feed left.
How much will I owe you for the formula itself? Just wanna do the math. Also any idea how long ups ground takes? Many many thanks.

For that box of 8 boxes, it was $130. So with shipping it would be $160. I do have a little bit more than that, so If you want to do UPS ground for the big box, I’ll send you a box through priority mail of some of the other bottles I have left. I’ll cover the cost for that. I know how crazy everything is right now.

Sounds good. Thank you so much for offering to cover the fSt ship on the others. I can use the Venmo account you shared?

That’s perfect. And if you send me your address, we will get them in tomorrow and send tracking details.