Nutramigen giant cans UPDATE: all cans have been sold

I have 3 cans of Nutramigen that I don’t need anymore! They’re each 788g (a little over double the amount of a normal size can). They were purchased in Mexico, but they’re made in the USA so the label is in Spanish. Asking for retail of $50 each and I will cover shipping costs.

Are these still available? If so, could you send me a picture of the bottom showing the expiration date? Thank you!! My email is if that is easier.

Hi! Are these still available?

Yes! They all have the same date of 01AGO23 which is August 1, 2023

Yes! They are!

Hi! I’m interested in one if you still have any available

They’re still available! Email me at and we can sort out the details! sorry forgot to add contact info

Is one of the cans still available? My friend in Arizona is looking for Nutramigen.

Still available??

hi i have a small (sample?) can of nutrimagen with enflora lgg from my md we dont need. if anyone one here needs that kind then can mail to you. email me!

Yes! Email me at

Yes! Email me at to sort out details

Just emailed you…thank you!

I would love to have them! I’m in Tennessee. Can you ship?

I will also have a few cans that a friend is giving me this weekend. Anyone interested in It please email me or WhatsApp me 647-818-2045

If anyone is still in need, a friend just gave me three cans that I don’t need. Text me at +17202538205 for details.

I have 3 unopened cans available if anybody is still in need. Please email me at

Hi! Where are you located?

I’m interested in the Nutramigen.