Nutramigen and Enspire

I have two 19.8 oz cans of Nutramigen and 2 cans of the blue enspire that I picked up at my local waomart today. I’ll send them 2 the first mom(s) to claim them at cost plus shipping. Feel free to text me, 760.288.5355

My LO is 1 in a week, we’ve been struggling to find formula, switching betwen Gerber Extensive HA, Parent’s Choice Hypoallergenic and Nutramigen, infant and toddler! So thankful she’s transitioning well to soy milk; its been helping our formula last!

Point is, I’m willing to help anyone Ican find the formula they need!

I’m sorry the nutramigen is 12.6, NOT the 19oz cans

Hi! I’m very interested please! My email is

Is Nutramigen still available?

@Alejandra_Parada Not sure if the Mama above is claiming Nutramigen or the other formula, but I’ll let you know. I can also check my store on Monday :blue_heart:

Thank you Savannah!