Not needed

Not needed

Offer up Bakersfield California has some soy formula for sale

Thank you let me check!

Your welcome

We have some up and up soy here in Hanford California! It’s a large container as well!

Ashley how many do you have?

I found some of this!!

I’m so sorry they sold out shortly after. I’ll look again in the morning! They always update first thing!

Hi! I have one small (12.9 oz I believe) that I don’t need! Email me at Where are you located?

I’m in Amarillo, Tx

Okay! Email me your address? I can ship it to you on Monday and provide you with a tracking number then.

I will also send you back pictures of the container so you can see it’s unopened and expiration date. :blush:

Thank you that’s awesome!

If you still need, let me know, I think my local store has it and I’ll pick it up for you

I think I’m good, thank you!