NEWBORN in need

My 2 week old baby is in need of any form of Similac Pro Advance Formula! Is there anybody that can help? Im willing to pay for it plus shipping costs!

I have 6 2oz ready to feed similac pro advance I know it’s not a lot but I thought I’d offer it!

Yes please! That would be awesome! :pray:

I don’t know how to go about getting info on here but my email is if you want to send me your shipping info I’ll get it shipped today!

I just sent you a email with my info. I would soo appreciate ur help

You’re so welcome! I’ll also check my local stores for any pro advance and if I find some I’ll let you know price and shipping and will be happy to ship them to you!

I have a large can. Send me an email at

Oh that would be so awesome🙏
Thank you!!

This is the yellow can correct? I have some!

No its the blue & silver
Similac Pro Advance :wink:

we have the Similac Pro-Sensitive if that will help, let us know 8 ready to drink bottles. Let me know!

I have a large 30 oz can I’m happy to ship to you if you need more :slight_smile:

If you have the yellow can of similac (neosure) I’m interested!