Neocate infant formula

I’m desperately looking for Neocate infant formula for my 3 month old. This is all he can tolerate, he has severe allergies.

Can your baby eat puramino? My son had the same problem. Amino acid formula was all he could tollerate.

I haven’t tried him on it yet but my pediatrician said it’s all the same so he should be able to tolerate it.

I have three cans that all expire 6/2023. Please let me know if you want them

I have three cans that expire 6/2023

Hi! I have 2 cans of Neocate, one unopened and I I tried only for one day, opened on 2/16/22. Where are you located?

Please let me know on whatever OP passes. We have a close friend looking for neocate infant or Puramino - located in Dallas, GA!

I have cans of this in Ontario can ship

I’m located in nj

Are you willing to ship I’m in nj?

I am in nj too. Of course I can ship but if you are close we can arrange pick up maybe. I’m in Keyport

Is this still available?

Are these cans still available?

Okay, your about hr away from me. I’m in south jersey.

I’m in need of this as well if anyone has extra

Any cans of Puramino left.


I have 4 cans bought straight from the manufacturer still sealed in the box.

Hi Jen! Can you text me! I need these! 8434509823

I have one can available in Arizona. Expiration 12/22