Needing Similac Pro Advance or Offbrand of the same!

Looking Similac Pro Advance or any off brand of it!

I have tubs of CVS Health Advantage which is an equivalent store brand for Similac Pro Advance.
I have two 35oz tubs and two 23.2oz tubs you can have them for what I paid for them. It’s available for pick up in Valley Stream, NY or I can ship them.

I have this . I’m from Toronto Canada. I can ship if you’re willing to pay just the shipping.

If not claimed can I get on the list?

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I live in Indiana. How much are you asking for both?

Ok! Do you know how much shipping would be?

The 2 large tubs came out to $45.73

The 2 small tubs came out to $36.73

I’d have to check at the post office to see how much to ship to your address. You can email me your address. Did you want all 4 tubs?

You can have them both for no charge just the shipping cost. They are sample cans I got for free. I can try to find out the shipping cost and let you know. I’m not sure how I would find out but I’ll try calling or going online today and checking

Yes no problem. Anyone who is interested in these similac cans, can you please email me directly. My email is or WhatsApp 647-818-2045. It will be easier to coordinate

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I will email you now!

I think I just found some closer to home. Thank you so much!

Krista found someone closer to home. Are you still interested? You can pick-up or I can ship it to you

Not sure if this is addressed to me, if so can you please let me know the cost? I believe you said to cover shipping only right?

I will take these if they are still available. Please email me at Thank you!