NEED Similac Neosure or Enfamil Enfacare

In search of Similac neosure or Enfamil Enfacare for my 13 day old (born at 34 weeks) 4lb 10oz preemie grandson. In Lubbock, Tx area.

Hi! I’m in Canada and I have a can of Enfacare.

If you’re still interested please email me:

My store has some in stock. I can pick some up if you reimburse. I could even meet you today in Amarillo if it isnt too far of a drive for you. I live in Tucumcari and have to go to Amarillo this afternoon.

I would appreciate it if you you could also mail me some if it’s still available please

Hi. I would really be grateful if you were to send me some too. I live in Richmond Virginia.

I will gladly pay for the shipping and the cost of the formula. Please email me if you go back &/or find more.

Sorry! Yesterday was busy for me. I can head to the store in a biy and p/u some.

This person has some Don’t need similac neosure