Need Nutramigen in Miami FL

Im in need of Nutramigen for my 4 month old. Willing to exchange I curently have a couple ready to drink Gentlease and Enfamil NeuroPro. Willing to pay for the formula price and shipping. Im located in MIami FL Also the stores near by have different types of Enfamil willing to buy and exchange with anyone who needs!

Hi! We had some of the smaller cans at Walmart near me in California today, they’re the 12 ounce cans. Let me know and I can check again and if they have them pick up what they’ll allow (normally 2)

Hi yes please! Anything will help! Here is my email so we can communicate on how to go about it.

I have 17 cans available. My daughter no longer needs it!

Hi! How csn we go about getting the cans from you? Im super intrested its been weeks since Ive been able to find any here in Miami.

Email me

Would you be able to send some to Florida? I’ll pay what you paid for them and shipping cost.

Alfamino is the exact same content as the Puramino. My infant is also on this and since I can’t find it anywhere in IL my GI specialist said she can go on the Alfamino. It’s available just go to Amazon

The nutramigen is your second option. It’s not as broken down as the amino acid formulas but should also work and we have some here in my house in IL if you need them.

Are these still available? There’s a mama on here who’s completely out of formula and feeding her baby goats milk and the baby is really sick.