Need Formula for 8 week old

Hi!! I live in the Denver area and am looking for Earths Best Organic Sensitive Formula. All of our local stores are out and I can’t find it anywhere. My daughter has really bad reflux and this has been the only thing she has done well with. Please please please let me know if you have it near you :two_hearts:

Hi this is available in my area. Email me so we can see how I can help.

I am in Denver and I don’t have that but wanted to mention I have 6 bottles of Similac Pro Sensitive (12 fl oz total). It’s not much and not the exact type but if you’re in a pinch and want it let me know.

I have 1 can of this. Reach out to me if you still need it.

Can I reach out to you ? I need some too!

Yes! Just let me know.

Yes of course