Naming a Child…

What is everyone’s strategy with naming their kids? Ours seems to be gender neutral unorthodox family names lol.
Here’s the video we just published that has baby boys name


We named our son with my maiden last name cause our last name is Smith and we wanted something more original for his first name

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What’s his name!? I’m so curious!


Sooo my husband and I wanted biblical names but he came up with some crazy ones…I.e. Zerubbabel…I quickly said no.

We ended up having to use an app called Kinder and select names we liked and see if they matched up. We ended up with naming our first Ezra and our second Cooper (didn’t stick with Bible names for him due to difficulty agreeing on names again lol)

We have 3 kiddos! Our daughter we named a name I have always loved since I enrolled a little girl at a daycare I worked at (Brielle). We have two sons Zion, and Asher. My brother actually gave us zions name and we loved how it means heaven or gods dwelling place in the Bible, my husband wanted his middle name Hudson after Hudson Taylor. And Asher, we named from the Bible because it means blessed and happy one and we feel totally blessed with him because he was born after we had two previous miscarriages. His middle name is Isaac, same as his dads middle name. :blush:. I also didn’t want super popular names, but Asher is on the rise.

What a beautiful name congratulations to the East Family I named my son based on my late grandmother we do this according to the Jewish faith

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My one hard and fast “rule” so far is that I will never use Marie as a middle name haha! It’s my middle name, my sister’s, my mom’s, and two of my husband’s sisters’! But, unplanned as it was, my daughter actually does have “Marie” as part of her first name, although it’s not pronounced that way. I do have a fondness for long, flowing first names but using a shortened nickname for everyday usage. My kids both have 4-syllable first names with 2-syllable nicknames :slight_smile:

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We chose the name Madison Ray. Ray is my middle name and I am named after my grandfather who passed away shortly after my father had told him my mom was pregnant with me. We’re still holding onto his legacy through my daughter. He was an amazing father and grandfather, my dad is impatiently waiting to tell her all the stories :joy:

We chose the name Madison because it means the woman version of gift from God. Our difficulty with conception and staying pregnant (along with all my health issues), she was truly a blessing and a half!

First, super cute name for little man!

We didn’t really have a strategy for naming our boys. It did end up that all of them have a middle name after someone and our family follows the pattern of dad 4 letter first name, mom 3 letter first name, then 4, 3, 4, 3, 4. We have a Luke Ronald (Ronald after father-in-law), Benjamin (Ben) Hamilton (Hamilton after hubby’s best friend), Ryan Joshua ( Joshua after another friend, Max Walker(after Max Talbot and Walker after Neil Walker), and last we have Jack Paul (Paul after hubby).

We really didn’t have names picked out before except for our first. Always wanted Mandy since HS and really didn’t care if my husband was going to like it or not lol!:joy: I guess I’m dating myself but loved Barry Manilow at the time!! Our second , my husband loved John Wayne so Jake it was! Our third we named Mallory as Family Ties was popular then and Logan is our last as I heard it on Baywatch back in the day and wasn’t very popular then. Now it seems to be! All our kids names were decided in the delivery room! Never could agree ahead of time. Would get my husband to agree at his time of weakness after seeing me give birth he’d say yes to anything! :laughing::blush: my biggest advice is don’t tell people the name ahead of time if you don’t want to hear their opinions! I liked a different name for my last but when telling my mom she didn’t like it so I changed it…

We had the hardest time naming our son. We wanted something unique but not too crazy. And something we put our own flair on. We went thru lists and lists of names. It’s hard when you know so many people with certain names that you don’t like the person lol.

We actually started with the middle name first. I was out in the garage one day and I was looking at my husbands snowmobile which is a skidoo summit. And I was like huh summit I like that as a middle name. Surprisingly hubby did too!

First name was the hardest but we kept coming back to Finn. However; we wanted something different. I got hospitalized at 35 weeks pregnant for high blood pressure and pre-eclampsia testing. So we wrote the name Finn in numerous ways and finally landed on the spelling: FYNN.

So his name is Fynn Summit :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. And it suits him perfectly

You left us with a cliffhanger. LOL What is his first name?

We always wanted something unusual, whether it be the first name or the middle names(our boys all have two middle names). Our kids names are Caydyn William John, Zacharia Michael Orion and Asher Orville Alexander

His name is Burkley. My husband is from Jamaica and has 5 names which ultimately gets shortened to Rod Smith so we wanted something a little more unique for his first name. Ironically, we were at the local park about a month ago and I called his name and a little girl pointed to another girl and said, “That’s her name too.”

Burkley is his first name

We kept it simple for our kiddos. All have 4 letter first names (learning to spell a name just seemed easier with only 4 letters) and their middle names are 7 letters with the exception of our youngest whose middle name is his great grandfather’s name. So we have Zoey Lorelai, Elly Madison, Luke Anthony and Evan Joseph. Picking names was more challenging than labor! Our youngest didnt have a first name for 2 days after birth Haha!

You did very well coming up with you children’s names. With our first daughter’s name my husband at the time picked my youngest half sister’s middle name as a daughter’s name on our first official date, no matter what I suggested he would not let go of it. To honor both sisters I changed the spelling a bit to avoid jealousy, so her name was Danell instead of Denell. If our second child was another girl I wanted another D, so we came up with Dyan and also Stacey but Dyan Stacey didn’t sound right so we flipped them and thought we’d call her by her middle nam. If a boy the only thing my ex would agree on was Scott Andrew but I was not sold because it was so much like my cousins, but my ex would not budge. We had a 2nd girl which is how it went in his family. She was in isolation for 48 hours, then when they brought her to me, I looked in her face and said you are a Stacey not a Dyan, so Stacey she has been ever since. There really is something to children picking their names. I wanted to call my oldest Dani as a knock name which would have totally fit her, but her dad would not have it. She told me years later, she would have loved it as a knick name.

So as of right now we just have one son- for his name I knew I wanted something different and a name that wasn’t overly used. My husband loves to read and so we stumbled across the name Sawyer because of Tom Sawyer. I then wanted to include some sort of family connection for his middle name so we used Matthew because that was my husbands middle name.

I do have a name picked out for a girl (hoping speaking into existence that it may happen!) and for her name once again I wanted something different and not overly used. My husband is Jewish so I was looking up names and came across Atalie which means “god is good” so I fell in love with that name and I am hoping one day I will get to use it. Middle name would probably be Ann because that is my middle name and my moms name so that way there is some sort of family connection. If we were to have another boy I have no idea what we would name him lol. So many names I like but can’t use because they remind me of former students and not necessarily in a good way!

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My daughter is named after her two grandmother’s. One passed away before she was born and we shortened my mom’s name (Linda). Her name is Theresa Lynn.

We also all have very Irish names…
My husband is Patrick Gregory, I am Mary Catherine, my daughter is Theresa Lynn and our son will be Cullen Arthur. His middle name is my grandfather’s name!

You are absolutely right about children picking their names. When my oldest was born, I knew the second I looked at her that she was a Zoey.