My Walmart has similac liquid 6-pack 360 total care sensitive

My Walmart has these in stock. Anyone need?

Am I too late ?

I can check when I go in a little bit. Would you like it if it’s there? If so how many?

A case please ! I think it’s 24 in a case. Or at least 6. Amazon has not shipped my order and sadly I think it’s going to get canceled.

I just saw you said 6 pack so 2 6 packs would be perfect! I wasn’t sure how they sold it that’s why I said case.

Got em! My email is

Thank you!! This is my email or cell number is 7327788831

Okay. Can you venmo or PayPal? $25 total for both is fine. I can cover shipping costs if you can wait until Monday unless you need it asap?

Thank you so much!! I can wait until Monday.
I have both ! With pay pal just send to this email?

My address is
116 William AvenueMiddletown NJ

Actually my PayPal is under my other email I’m in SC. No problem! If I see any powder cans I will grab those for ya!

How come you aren’t answering me anymore ?

When I try to email it says it’s invalid. I sent you money I just wanted to see if you got it? I’m getting a little nervous.

That’s weird. Yes! I did. Thank you. I will send you the tracking # tomorrow.

Were you able to ship? If not can I just have my money back? I’m not working as I’m home with my new baby. I just I haven’t heard from you.

I had a feeling this was too good to be true. If I don’t hear anything today I’m assuming you scammed me. And if you did that is really really sad. Please don’t continue to do that to other moms. We are under enough stress trying to find food. Just stop.

I understand your skeptical but I wouldn’t ever do that to someone. The tracking is UPS# 1zr882530376067277. I caught the stomach flu that has been going around here and I’ve been throwing up all night. I hear it’s not long before we will see some on the shelf. Hang in there!

I received the formula yesterday. I’m so so sorry I doubted you. At the same time I sent you money I was scammed by someone they never sent. And I panicked. We need more people in the world like you. Thank you for helping moms out in Rhys horrible time.

No problem! I would of done the same. If I see any powder i can pick some up if you still need it!