Mom and Dad of twins looking for Enfamil Enfacare

We were just told we need to switch over to Enfacare for our twins. If anyone has any, we would be happy to make sure to pay w/e is fair. We want to make sure we will be able to provide to them well enough.

Thank you all so much and God bless

I have a bunch of these! It’s the same thing

How much are you asking, that would be good to have to make sure we are getting them stronger

Hello! I have a small can of this! I paid $23, I’ll take $25 including shipping. if you’re interested!


I think that will be fine! I can creat a label and email it to you

Hey, that’s totally fine!

Sry was an extra message that randomly got sent from my email, no idea why

I have a case which is 6 cans I can send you for $100. Paid $22.22 a can so essentially it’s a extra can for free.

That would be absolutely fantastic and ensure we have enough!

Email me at thanks so much!

Just emailed you

Not sure if this is the correct type but it is available on Amazon